• Kelcey Harasen

Why You Need A Nanny Mentor

Little Einsteins has recently introduced a new service: Nanny Mentorship! Little Einsteins Nanny Mentors are always willing and happy to meet other nannies, be a “sounding board’, a “brain to pick” or a “listening ear”.

Our mentors work directly with you; whether it be once a week, once a month or whenever you need.

What can a nanny mentor do for you? Nanny mentors can:

1. Be a great educational resource

2. Inspire you to grow and become your best

3. Help shorten your learning curve

4. Open your mind to new ideas and fresh approaches

5. Be a trusted confidant

6. Advise you on how to handle situations they have experienced themselves

7. Be a great resource for networking

8. Bring an unbiased view to a situation

9. Be a great source of support

10. Develop into a lifelong friendship

Having a nanny mentor is a proven concept that works in all walks of life and all career fields. Call us to be paired up with a nanny today!

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