When should you consider hiring a nanny from overseas?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Hiring a nanny from overseas comes with a lot of benefits. We understand that it is a huge investment and we want to make sure we help you find the right match. There is a lot that goes into the application process of hiring someone from another country and we are with you every step of the way.

When should you consider this option;

  • Long term nanny (3 years+)

  • guaranteed 30 hours or +

  • 2 or more children

  • are willing to hire legally (pay minimum wage or more)

  • have 6 months + before your ideal start date.

  • Wanting a language specific or experience specific nanny

What are the benefits to you?

  • Nanny can be live in or live out

  • Pay minimum wage

  • Work early morning, late evenings and overnight shifts

  • A guaranteed caregiver who becomes part of your family

  • Employer specific visa - The nanny cannot work in any other field besides childcare.

  • Nanny gets a minimum via of at least 3 years.

Why choose to work with us?

  • We will walk you through each step of the process.

  • Consultation: Comprehensive needs assessment.

  • Selectively provide pre-screened candidate pool for your review. We value your time and want you to have access to the best candidates.

  • In-house services – we do not specialize in contracting work-out. We value your trust and confidence in us and take this responsibility seriously!

What are the steps involved?

  • Fill out the Little Einsteins Au Pair/Nanny Family Application Form.

  • Police Clearance – A police clearance is required for everyone in the (host family) home who is 18 yrs+. See http://policesolutions.ca/checks/services/saskatoon/

  • Little Einstein will review your file once complete.

  • Check out the available Nannies on our website and or ask us to send you our available candidate profiles.

Note: These candidates are already pre-vetted using our signature 7 Point Nanny Review Process and are ready to join your family!

  • Look at some profiles and select 2 to 3 candidates.

  • Once the best candidate is screened and identified. The family will have an opportunity to interview them. If selected by family, we move directly to Step 7.

  • Paperwork. Finalize the placement by signing the employment contract, agency agreement and paying the remainder fee. The most critical paperwork in this application filing is related to preparing relevant immigration documents for submission to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

  • In our experience, host families who invest time and energy in developing a relationship with their nanny prior to her arrival are much more likely to have a successful long-term relationship.

WAIVER: Little Einsteins does not guarantee the nanny selected will arrive in Canada at the date indicated, this process is outside our control and typically determined by Immigration regulations and processes outside our purview. However, rest assured, we will make every effort to bring your nanny to Canada.

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to us at (306) 261-7052.

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