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When Sam approached me about doing content creation for the blog portion of the Little Einstein’s Website I was completely flattered. After I hung up the phone with Sam, I sat there for twenty minutes questioning my abilities and wondering why on earth Moms would want to listen to or read my work. I think as Moms, we spend at least 50% of our days questioning our abilities and second guessing our parenting decisions. I think it's time we start having a bit more faith in ourselves and giving ourselves more credit. So here goes....

If you have totally stumbled onto this page by accident (A.K.A. your toddler was googling again)...My name is Sabrina Irvine and I am the creator and voice behind "Finding Joy in your Circus," a podcast dedicated to normalize the chaos of Motherhood. Being a Mom can be incredibly lonely, and just knowing that someone else is going through similar trenches can bring a very real sense of community to our lives.

Most days I'm just seeking balance between feeling incredibly blessed and TOTALLY overwhelmed. I live in Saskatoon Saskatchewan with my handsome husband Brandon. Together we manage a circus of four amazing and annoying kids (yes...I am allowed to say my kids are annoying-this is a judgment free zone).

When I became a Mom, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and nearly eight years later…I still don’t have the slightest clue (I’m just better or more creative at hiding my clueless nature). Most of my days as a Mom are spent winging it and learning as I go. When 2014 rolled around, postpartum anxiety hit me like an enormous sack of bricks. I have spent the last five years on a mental health roller coaster. It seems, as soon as I begin to feel like I have a good handle on things as a Mom my roller coaster takes another dive or loop. I spent nearly eight years as an entrepreneur building a dance studio from the ground up. I was playing a constant game of tug-of-war between growing my business and focusing on my family. I continually tried to achieve some kind of mythical work and family balance but juggling everything often left me feeling defeated and spread too thin. I now believe this so called “balance” is a bogus myth set out to make Moms feel guilty.

In September 2019, the world I knew completely shifted in a new direction. I sold my business and transitioned to spending time at home with my kids. This huge life change is still presenting me with an absolute identity crisis, four months later and I am still adjusting to my new normal. I had grown accustom to doing payroll and strategic planning and now I spend my days asking solving ridiculous mysteries such as: “Is that chocolate or poop on your dress?” or “Who colored in the toilet bowl with a pen?”

You may be sitting there wondering why on earth you would want to read or listen to anything I have to say...and frankly I don’t blame you. Here’s my theory… I believe every human is a puzzle piece, sometimes it’s hard to find where a particular piece fits in or which direction it should go but somehow it plays an important role in your puzzle. Maybe I’m that random piece in your puzzle… Just maybe you are supposed to learn something from my ridiculous life adventures and on occasion an absolute misadventure.

My podcast serves a dual purpose in my life: firstly, that fancy University portfolio in my office says I have an English Degree. I’m a writer so naturally words can be therapeutic for me. Secondly, I am sharing my heart in hopes that even just one person who needs a reason to keep moving forward would find encouragement and comfort in knowing that they aren’t alone in whatever giant roadblocks they are facing.

Currently my podcast launches two episodes per week. Tuesday Timeout is a short segment focused on a weekly hot topic for Mom’s. On previous episodes we have covered everything from the Pinterest Mom to the endless amounts of fundraising the elementary school thinks I need to do. I talk about down-to-earth issues everyday Mom’s find themselves facing. Friday Conversation segments, are centered around interviews with real Moms discussing their challenges and their success. Our Friday segments feature a combination of humor, teachable moments and emotional memories. I am extremely grateful for this exciting opportunity to collaborate with Little Einstein’s and I look forward to sharing with you regularly on the blog.

Click the link below to catch up on previous podcast episodes.


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