Want a stress free bed time.. check out what our guest blogger has to say!

Hey folks,

Here is another guest blogger - Lynette from Serene Sleep Solutions. Lynette understands that its hard to hire a babysitter during the evening sometimes due to sleep time routines.

In this blog, she breaks it down and gives us 6 amazing tips of how to handle sleep time if you have hired a babysitter.

Check out her blog at and give her our amazing blogger a follow @serenesleepsolutions for more amazing tips.

6 ways to ease anxiety when hiring a babysitter during child's sleep times


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The babysitters are great! So easy to book. It’s been hard to find good babysitters on our own and Little Einstein’s has taken the stress and work out of it. Always professional and always great with my kids. The few times a sitter had to cancel, Sam immediately found a replacement sitter for me. No hassle and I got to keep my plans :) Well worth the cost.


We used the services of Little Einstein's in December 2019 after our original sitter cancelled. Everything went extremely smoothly from booking online to our sitter arriving. Our sitter Tracy was great, she arrived early and connected with our kids right away. I couldn't be happier with our first booking! We have scheduled another sitter through Little Einstein's in January 2020. I highly recommend all Saskatoon families give their services a try. This company is exceptionally run and could very likely transform childcare in Saskatoon

CHEP Good Food

CHEP Good Food Inc. has started using Little Einstein's. The children are happy and are having a great time while their parents are attending a presentation.