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Tips on How To Prepare Your New Babysitter When They Arrive

The day has come; after finding and choosing a babysitter, you're ready to leave your littles in the care of a brand new babysitter. Once the sitter arrives, it's typically a whirlwind of emotions and things are usually a blur for everyone, so it’s always a good idea to take time to prepare prior to their arrival.

Here are some tips to help prepare your new sitter to create a positive first experience and to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Provide your emergency contact information - in a highly visible area or have them enter it into their phone.

Prepare your child and talk about what they can expect with a new sitter - get your littles comfortable about the idea of a babysitter and get them excited about getting to spend time with someone new by speaking to them ahead of time.

Alert the sitter of any important information - allergies, preferences, medications, etc.

Give your sitter time to get to know your children and vice versa - allow them to bond before heading out the door in a hurry.

Set out particular food and drinks, toiletries, clothing, etc. - For toddlers and infants, the list should be as detailed as possible (crusts on or off? Special rocket ship pjs?). Include special tricks for getting them to willingly eat and go to sleep.

Provide a full tour of your home - Show how to work everything―circuit breakers, thermostat, dishwasher, alarm, etc.

Leave comfort items out so they feel safe while you’re away - blanket, stuffie, pacifier, etc.

Share specific details about routines - Sticking to the routines, big and small, is so important because it makes a child feel secure and comfortable.

When you book a Little Einsteins sitter, he/she will arrive 10 minutes early to ensure a smooth transition. They will also have a Babysitting Checklist for you to fill out before you leave; which includes emergency contact, allergies/medications, nap time and routines.

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