Thinking of hiring a nanny...but not sure if you need one?

You have been contemplating about hiring a nanny, but are unsure if it is the right way to go.

Let's do a little run down of scenarios in which parents who hired a nanny felt stress free and happy!

  • I (or my spouse) is a shift worker

  • We need care for at least one year or longer

  • We need care for early mornings, late nights or overnights

  • We have 2 or more children

  • We want one on one support for our children

  • We would like someone to help with housekeeping

  • We would like someone to help with meal preps

  • We need someone to pick or drop off our kids to school

  • We would like to take holidays as needed and not have to worry about paying a spot holding fee

  • We are worried about our son/daughter getting sick at daycare

  • We want someone to teach kids a particular language

  • We want someone to take kids to extracurricular activities scheduled during the day

  • We have a child with special needs and we are unsure if daycare is the right fit for him/her.

If you answered YES to any one or more of these above, we recommend getting a nanny for your family. You will not regret it!

From cooking to cleaning to laundry to driving to extracurricular classes; parenting can be exhausting. When you hire a nanny, you can be assured that your jobs will be cut in half. A nanny not only helps with the children and making sure they are fed, entertained and loved but also takes care of light housekeeping and meal preps.

All families are different and each family needs someone unique who can become part of their family. Enter a vetted, qualified and experienced Little Einsteins Nanny.

At Little Einsteins, we take great pride in ensuring our nannies understand that they are going in as another set of hands for busy parents. We place long term, short term, live in, live out and summer nannies all over Saskatchewan. They all go through a 7 point nanny review process, an extensive interview process and must have 3 stunning references. Each of our selected nanny also takes a Basic Nanny Skills Assessment Test and must score a 70% or higher before being added in to the pool.

We hope to match you with your ideal candidate in the near future.


Owner and Founder

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