• Sabrina Irvine

Potty Training Nearly Killed Me

Google potty training or potty learning (a term coined by physiotherapists) and you will quickly get lost in vortex of tips, tricks, facts and hacks for potty training in 48 hours. I am here to tell you, not every child can be "trained or learned" over a naked weekend at home. While educating yourself on various strategies and methods can definitely be useful, it is EXTREMELY important not to put pressure on yourself or your child if things don't go according to the parenting blog you just finished.

Over the last 8 years I have been over consumed by diapers, pull ups, potty seats, sticker charts and cute panties (that cost way too much). My potty training adventure (a.k.a nightmare), has taught me many important life lessons that I'm passing onto you through this weeks podcast episode.

Tune into the podcast to listen to today's episode. Click the link below to listen to this episode and catch up on all our previous episodes.


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