• Kelcey Harasen

Hiring An Overseas Nanny - Here's What You Need To Know!

Have you been thinking about sponsoring a foreign nanny? The experience can be rewarding, but there is a lot of information to know. So we are sharing everything you need to know about the process and help you determine whether hiring someone from overseas is right for you and your family.

Why hire someone from overseas?

  • Foreign nannies on average are shown to have lower minimum pay rates compared to their domestic counterparts by 12%.

  • Many foreign nannies are willing to be live-in caregivers, a convenient asset for many households.

  • It may be beneficial to have a new culture within your household - many families find it valuable to have a caregiver from their home country to teach their children a different language or culture.

  • Employee does not have to LIVE IN.

How long does it take?

It can take several months. The exact length of time varies depending on whether the caregiver is in Canada already, and if not which country they are located in.

What is required from you as the employer?

For the employer hiring the worker, they have to attempt to hire a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident to fill the job first. We will help you advertise on the different job boards.

Employers must

  • Notice of Assessment for your household

  • Proof of recruitment 3 sources

  • Children's birth certificate

  • Lawyer/accountant attestation with employment contract

If the caregiver will be living in the employer’s home

  • the employer must provide a private room, with a window and a door that locks from the inside.

  • the employer cannot charge room and board

Financial Requirements of the Employer

Financial requirements to consider:

  1. Employers must pay a $1,000 non-refundable processing fee.

  2. Employers must also cover the worker’s transportation costs (e.g. airplane fare from another country) and are not able to recoup these costs from the worker at a later time for any reason.

  3. Employers must pay the prevailing provincial median wage for babysitters, nannies.

How Can I Help My Foreign Nanny Adjust?

  • Some families may consider purchasing gifts to welcome their nanny from their home country to keep as sentiments such as certain food, flowers or clothing items.

  • Allowing your caregiver to cook her speciality dishes from another culture can help connect with her past.

  • Giving your nanny resources to learn English or acclimatize to her new culture may also help her ease into this transition

How to begin the process?