Ever wondered why nannies get paid MORE than minimum wage?

The minimum wage in Saskatchewan is $11.32 an hour. Then why do nannies and babysitters get paid $13-$18, sometimes $20 an hour? It sounds like a lot, right?

It's really not when you break down everything a nanny/babysitter does for your family! Take a look at what you get when you hire a nanny or babysitter from Little Einsteins!

> Individual attention for your child(ren)

> Customized care for your child's needs

> 100% of our nannies and babysitters attend training geared towards childcare

> You receive assistance with light housekeeping, laundry and meal preps

> Assistance with maintaining your child's play dates and extracurricular activities

> Consistency and a sense of routine in your child's life

> Ensuring your child is safe at all times

> Flexibility of scheduling

> The peace of mind knowing somebody that you can trust is home with your child, whether they are sick or home from school

Nannies are often referred to as the third parent or an extension of YOU - that's because they do everything a parent would do for the children and household 8 - 10 hours a day.

Trust us, hiring a nanny and paying a wage that is above minimum wage is completely worth it.


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