• Sabrina Irvine

Confessions of a Mom

For one week, I asked Moms on social media to submit Mom Confessions in a private message with me. Mom Confessions could be heartfelt, tough, scary or even downright hilarious (and believe me...I received some of each category).  I wanted to take these confessions and share them anonymously in a podcast episode.

 The concept behind this episode was to further normalize the chaos of Motherhood. We are not alone in our tough moments, we are not alone in our scary moments, we are not alone in our ridiculous Mom fails. Thank you to the Moms who shared their very raw and real moments for this episode...it wouldn't be possible without your willingness to open up and share your story. 

Tune into the podcast to listen to today's episode featuring stories from many different Mamas. Click the link below to listen to this episode and catch up on all our previous episodes.


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