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Circus Harder

A brand new Mom Conversation is hitting the podcast today. I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with the incredible Chelsey Harder about her motherhood and entrepreneurial journey. Chelsey is a busy Mom of three, we discuss the balancing act of managing her Circus at home, and successfully navigating owning multiple businesses during the chaos of a pandemic. On this episode of Joy in your Circus, we talk everything from small business to baby gear.

Being a Mom is really tough and being an entrepreneur is also really tough...throw a pandemic into the mix and it could spell disaster. Through these challenging times, Chelsey has managed to adapt quickly and with such a high level of class. While the pandemic created incredibly difficult conditions for business owners across the province, Chelsey is pushing full steam ahead with an exciting expansion project in Saskatchewan.

Tune into the podcast to listen to today's episode featuring Award Winning Entrepreneur Chelsey Harder. Click the link below to listen to this episode and catch up on all our previous episodes.


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