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Circus Friesen

If you are new to my work, I will give you the inside scoop on what my Friday Conversation feature is all about. I am passionate about telling the behind the scenes stories of real life Moms. I think when we share our crazy and ridiculous stories with others it can normalize our chaos just a little bit. I am blessed through my Friday Conversations to chat with so many amazing Moms. Do you know an amazing Mom who has a story to share? (Please reach out to me via email circusirvine@gmail.com or by direct message on our Instagram Page). I absolutely love receiving stories from listeners, which often lead me to connecting with some pretty extraordinary women.

My guest for January 24th is nothing short of AMAZING! Grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine (this is a judgement free zone) and enjoy meeting Julia on this weeks episode of Finding Joy in your Circus. Don't forget to show her some love and follow her Instagram page @juliadawnlove.

Tune into the podcast "Finding Joy in your Circus" to catch this weeks Friday Conversation with Julia.

Click the link below to listen to this episode and catch up on all our previous episodes.


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Don't forget to find some joy in your circus today...

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