Babysitting Services Parent Checklist!

Little Einstein's Babysitting Checklist: Each Little Einstein's Babysitter will visit your house and provide you with our specialized babysitter checklist, please ensure that you fill this out to the best of your ability. This information will be useful to the babysitter and will provide peace of mind for parents and families.

What to Put on Your Babysitter Checklist

1. Landline number, if available:

2. Emergency kit

3. Your cell phone number. Ask her to put this on her phone so that she can access it quickly.

4. Arrange emergency meeting point during power-outages or harsh winter weather conditions

5. List of emergency phone numbers like police, fire, poison control, pediatrician, local hospital, your pharmacy.

6. Your address and directions to your house so that she can give this to the operators in case of an emergency.

7. Emergency contact list for babysitter in the event parents are unreachable

8. Medical release form for your child's care in the event of an emergency

9. Location of First Aid Kit

10. What to do if your child breaks a rule or misbehaves. It's a good idea to work out a plan of what your sitter should and should not do if your child does not listen or doesn't behave.

11. Child's favourite activities and foods

12. Allergy information

13. What time you expect the kids to be in bed and a list of their bedtime routines such as a bath and a favorite book.

14. How much Ipad time kids are allowed. What TV shows, movies, or other tech content they can and cannot see. Other families limit TV/Ipad time, let your sitter know your family's preference.

15. Where she should and should not take the children. Little Einstein's babysitters typically do not leave the house, unless given permission to do so.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

Don't expect your sitter to be your housekeeper. She is there to play with the kids and feed them and take care of them; she should not be expected to do housework.

Make sure you have set aside dinner and snacks (and lunch if she's there early in the day) for your sitter.

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