Daycare is cheaper why should I hire a Nanny Anyway?

While daycare is often a cheaper option, it is not always the best. It is important to evaluate the needs of your family and children to decide the best choice. Nannies provide an up close and personal care you cannot find in daycare. They are tuned in to your family's specific needs. Nannies also often provide light housekeeping (pertaining to the children), provide transportation, and ensure your child is receiving care tailored to their needs. Nanny schedules are often more flexible than daycare hours.

What basic qualifications should a nanny have?

This decision is completely yours and depends on what you value the most. At Little Einstein's Learning Centre, Nannies usually hold a high school degree and often have a college education, but not always. First Aid, and CPR certification are critical. But ultimatly, it is you who decides which qualifications are most important for your childcare provider. Most nannies will also have significant childcare experience under their belt. Little Einstein's Learning Centre screens nannies based on a comprehensive process and profile to ensure suitable candidates are available.

How do I choose the right Agency?

Finding the right nanny agency can seem daunting, but this process does not have to be awkward or weird. Identify your family's priorities and needs, then find an agency that can meet those requirements. With the money you'll be spending to work with an agency, make sure you feel you can have an open and honest conversation with your agency's representative. Do they seem to understand you? Are they pleasant and professional? Find out how long have they been in business. Ask friends for suggestions and read reviews online. Find out what their policies and fees are. What are their ongoing training and resource offerings? A great agency will go above and beyond to explain to you how they plan to put your family's needs front and center.

What are the benefits of working with a nanny agency? Like Little Einstein's Learning Centre, why pick us?

An agency will do a lot of the heavy lifting that busy parents may not have the time to do. Screening only qualified applicants, a good agency will be sure to only send you the best from their applicant pool to interview, saving you time and energy. Doesn't work out with the placement? Most agencies have a policy for sending a replacement nanny. Agencies often also offer continuing education and networking opportunities for their nannies, meaning that your nanny is more apt to be energized and updated on new trends and developments in childcare all year long.

How do I conduct a background check?

If you are using an online childcare source or an agency, background checks are often part of the package. This is the case at Little Einstein's Learning Centre. If you are concerned, speak with your representative and we will get consent from the nanny so that this information can be shared with you.