Babysitting FAQ

Q. What's the difference between a babysitter and a nanny?

There is a difference between a nanny and a babysitter. While both play a role in supervising and caring for children when parents are away, a nanny is a daily fixture. Nannies will provide housework and are very involved in the children’s lives. Babysitters are short-term caretakers who are typically hired to watch the children for a set period. Babysitters often stay with children while their parents go on a date, or meet the children after-school if the parent has an appointment.

Q. Can I have the same babysitter each time I book?

A: Wherever possible your bookings will be offered first to your preferred childcarers (you can let us know who your top 3 favourite babysitters are). One of the strengths of Little Einstein's is that we will always endeavour to find you an experienced and reliable babysitter, local to you. Many of our childcarers have commitments to their own families and it may not always be possible to supply the same babysitter on every occasion. In practice families find that they get to know two or three local babysitters who cover most of their bookings. We'll send you an email as soon as we've filled any bookings you make with a profile of your assigned babysitter.

Q. Can sitters provide care for my children during the day (child daycare)?

A: Absolutely! Our baby sitters are available for daytime childcare in your own home. We all have times when we have to attend an appointment, meeting or function where it's easier if children are looked after at home. We offer services during peak times and holidays i..e Valentines etc. Perhaps you need to work from home and could do with an extra pair of hands to take care of your children? Many parents find this service particularly useful during school holidays and as emergency cover at home when other childcare arrangements fail (if your childminder falls ill, or if your child is unwell and cannot attend school/nursery/day-care).

Q: I have some uncertainty about leaving my children with someone I don't know, wouldn't you?

A: Yes, many parents have these feelings when they leave their children with a babysitter they don't initially know - and then afterwards wonder what they were concerned about! You wouldn't be the first or last to have felt this when leaving your children at a playgroup, nursery or daycare centre. Our baby sitters have chosen to work with children because they enjoy it and you'll find that they are quick to put you and your family at ease. What Little Einsteins clients have found is that their family soon gets to know a small group of babysitters from their area.

Q: Is there a maximum number of children per babysitting?

A: There are limits as to what we consider safe. Under usual circumstances if there are more than 3 children under three years old or more than 4 children in total a second babysitter is required.

Q: How much notice do you need if I want to book a babysitter?

A: We'll always try to meet last minute needs - even if we're given as little as 2 hours' notice. However, thankfully, most bookings are made with three or more days notice and we're quite happy to take your bookings ahead of time. The more notice you give us the better your chance of booking your preferred babysitter before someone else does. As soon as we've filled your booking, we will send you a confirmation email with a profile of your babysitter.

Q. How does a discount code work?

Please enter your code while making the reservation. Discounts apply to your total invoice. We will not honour discounts after reservation form has been submitted.

Q. What are Little Einsteins Babysitting hours?

Our babysitters can be scheduled Monday to Sunday 24/7. We can work overnights, early mornings and everything in between.

Q. What is your policy on last minute babysitting requests and statutory holidays?

Little Einsteins reserves the right to charge an additional $10 per booking fee, if the request is made less than 36 hours.

Q. What is Little Einsteins cancellation and or modification policy?

We strictly enforce a 24-hour cancellation and modification policy for all standard babysitting reservations. There is a 72-hour cancellation and modification policy for reservations with multiple babysitters, for groups, special rates, travel and for holidays (New Year’s Eve and New Years Day, Valentines Day, Easter Sunday, Canada Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Remembrance Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day). If the reservation is canceled or modified with less than the required 24 or 72 hours notice, then the minimum 3 hours, will be invoiced. Cancellations and modifications can be made via email to or by texting 306 261-7052.

Q. Can I have my friend's children also come to my house to be watched by the babysitter?

Yes. At half price of the hourly rate, you can add your friends/family children for the day. charge applies to all children that are outside of the immediate family.

Q. What exciting activities will the sitter bring?

**NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS** Little Einsteins sitter will bring a fun bag full of games, crafts and books to keep your kids fully engaged and entertained. Let the fun begin!

Q. Why should I trust a Little Einsteins sitter?

We take great pride in ensuring our sitters are pre-screened and vetted. We have a personal one-on-one interview with all potential sitters and only select a handful of individuals to be on our team. The selection process is lengthy and involves a reference checks with 3 professional references. We also select individuals with a passion and long-standing experience in the childcare industry. We ensure they are CPR certified and have First Aid certification. We also request them to provide a recent criminal background check with the vulnerable sector.

Q. How much do you charge per hour?

Our standard babysitting rate ranges are anywhere from $17/hr - $20/hr. The hourly rate depends on the education and experience of the babysitter assigned to your family.

Q. What does the babysitter do after my child goes to bed?

Our babysitters are willing to do light housekeeping and light meal preps after your child goes to bed. Light housekeeping can include, folding laundry, towels or loading up the dishwasher. Our babysitters will always clean up after themselves and make sure to leave a clean and organized home when you arrive. All our babysitters arrive 10 - 15 minutes prior to their job start time on their first visit with your family. During this time, please let them know what duties you would like them to do. Please note: Babysitters primary responsibility is towards your children and ensuring that they have cleaned up after themselves and the children.